Samapatti: Accessing Your Flow State

Join our workshop on FLOW September 17th – 19th at Yoga Deza, Fayetteville, AR.

Yoga is a revelation-based technology.  As the great sage Vyasa is supposed to have said: “Yoga is Samadhi”. From its purely meditative strains to its more modern physical expressions, yoga expresses a unique reverence for FLOW: absorption, effortless attention, and aesthetic epiphany.

Modern Neuro-Scientists and psychologists have found that the people who are the happiest and the healthiest are those that spend the most time absorbed in the FLOW.

Learn about subtle changes you can make in the rhythm of your practice, in the nature of your efforts, and how to tune the challenges you create for yourself such that FLOW is likely to emerge.

When flow is happening “downloading” of new information is possible which directs our growth, our understanding of purpose and our evolution.



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